Monday, 19 November 2012

Wooden Feathers

Made a few things today to put on my stand at a forthcoming Christmas Fayre I'm doing, one of the things i made was wooden feathers, just for something a bit different.

The feathers pictured are singular stand alone pieces, they don't do anything, well apart from sit there and look pretty, but being something slightly different, hopefully people might be tempted to part with a few pennies for a couple of them, the bases pictured will be replaced with some made out of some lovely spalted Sycamore i have, the dark marks on the feathers are natural markings and I think add to the aesthetic appeal of the wood.


  1. Very nice! As a woodworker can I ask, how did you made these?

    1. probably easier to show on a video than to try and explain, i'll dig my video camera out and do a "how to" type video