Friday, 31 August 2012

Hand Auger

Whilst i have a number of Scotch Eyed augers in different diameters, they can sometimes be a bit of overkill and while the length of them is useful because of the extra torque you can generate, the down side is the length, when you are say only using a small bag or pack.

So, i made this one as a hand auger, the handle is made from some glorious spalted Beech that my good mate Hugo gave me yesterday, the auger bit itself is 12mm in diameter, so just a tad under half an inch, which is more than enough for tapping Birch or making a small mortise on some impromptu furniture building in the woods, the total length of the bit, including the piece in the handle is 100mm, the end of the shank lays just under the outer surface of the wooden handle and is epoxied in place, but before gluing it in, i took a file to the shank and made a number of grooves and depressions in the metal, so it had a good key when it was epoxied in place. All i have to do at some point over the weekend, is to make a small leather sheath for it.

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