Friday, 27 July 2012

Willow Bowl

Got my latest Willow Bowl finished off yesterday, i started this about a week or so ago and have been waiting for the wood to dry out sufficiently so i could move on to the next stage in it's manufacture, thankfully the weather has been on my side for change and the warm, dry weather we have experienced this week has certainly helped to dry the bowl blank out.

So yesterday, i got the sand paper out, yes, i used sand paper for this one, and i spent a little bit of time, sitting out in the sunshine, sanding it down, inside and out, the result is the bowl in the picture, pretty pleased with this one, even more so when my neighbour saw it and insisted i made it on a lathe, not bad for a bowl that was made with nothing more than an adze, axe and gouge and a just a little bit of sand paper.

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